Massive Fight Breaks Out At Five Guys, Employees Gang Up And Batter The Crap Out Of Customer

Don’t mess with anyone who works at Five Guys.

I know Five Guys has made its way over to the UK now but I’ve yet to try it. When I do there’s just one thing I’m keeping in mind — don’t fuck with the people who work there.

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Here’s what went down at a Five Guys chain in Miami this week:

Damn. We’ve seen fast food employees get physical with customers before but nothing like this. The Five Guys crew don’t mess about. What even started all the commotion in the first place? We don’t know. We’ll probably never know. What we do know is that girl got bashed all the way into next week with her tail between her legs and pieces of her weave left on the floor. Savage stuff.

Moral of the story – better bring your whole crew when messing with Five Guys ( then again, even that might not work).


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