Fitzthistlewitz: YouTube Gamer Finally Nails It


Youtube’s most unappreciated gamer, Fitzthistlewitz is the funniest commentator to come out of the medium in years.

The majority of game enthusiasts that enjoy traipsing through YouTube until the early hours of the morn will recognise the big names in the biz. Pewdiepie, KSIOlajidebt, UberHaxNova — the list goes on. The medium is so saturated that every Call of Duty playing child and man-child is having a go at it. And on the whole, they are shit. Uninspired, generic and forced, wannabe Youtube gamers rely mostly on imitating popular offerings and playing either the latest big release, or retro and indie games that appeals to the pretentious gaming hipsters – “You’ve never played Klonoa: Door to Phantomile? Wow, what a pleb…”

Yet there is a saving grace. A grace that goes by the name Fitzthistlewitz.

Without depending on screaming his bollocks off every two minutes, Fitzthistlewitz creates videos that inform and entertain much more than any other gamer out there. I tried to avoid the term “trolling” as it has been overused and misappropriated over the past couple of years, but Fitz perfectly balances the humorous aspect of “trolling” without making it his only joke.

In his small collection of uploads, Fitz hits the mark on every one. He brings something different to the table every time with a mix of the abstract and the witty. Intelligent comedy mixed with an understanding of the gaming form shines through all his videos and I often find myself viewing them again and again. A self-described “raconteur, electronic games enthusiast, poet, viral marketer, freelance journalist, under 16’s amateur badminton silver medalist”, Fitz plays with the tired formula of gaming commentaries and reviews a statement perhaps best represented by one of his videos in which he plays the intro of Skyrim blind.

However, instead of performing word-based fellatio on him any further, check out hit reviews on the next page.

Farming Simulator 2013 Review:

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World of Tanks Review:

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Let’s Play Mario 64:

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Please suggest any other non-shit gaming personalities in the comments.

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