The First Trailer For The Prison Break Revival Has Dropped

Prison Break

Guess what? Michael Schofield is in prison again.

Prison Break was a pretty awesome show in its first series when you could actually just about believe how ridiculous it was, but it definitely lost its way in later series as the gang had to break out of more and more prisons. I mean there’s no way they could get thrown in so many prisons and manage to break out of them all, is there?

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Despite this – and probably due to the fact that nobody involved in the show has really had much of a career since it was on the air – Fox have decided it was a good idea to bring the show back and throw Michael Schofield in prison again and get the gang back to break him out.

Looks like he’s in some kind of weird country and Lincoln Burrows, C Note, Sarah and T-Bag have all headed over there to help him bust out. Of course they have. Check out the trailer below:

Well, I mean that kind of looks OK but I don’t think I can really get behind the fact that they’re breaking out of another prison – it’s just so stupid now isn’t it? It probably would have made sense if they had just revived the series with a completely different cast and plotline, it really is flogging a dead horse to keep these characters in this completely stupid situation and have them all somehow keep coming back to help break people out of prison. It’s just dumb. At least it looks like Sucre might have got out of it.

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