The First Trailer For Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Movie Just Dropped And It Looks Seriously Good

Why the long face?

There’s been a buzz about Joaquin Phoenix’s gritty origin story of DC’s iconic villain The Joker ever since it was announced and now that the first trailer is here, we’re kinda thinking that the hype might actually be justified for once.

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The suitably creepy trailer dropped just minutes ago and has already racked up millions of views. It basically features Phoenix’s character – I think his name is Arthur – slowly losing his mind as he wanders around Gotham getting beaten up by a bunch of people for dressing up like a clown, until he finally descends into his Joker persona and starts doing some crazy shit.

Actually looks really good, no joke of a lie:

Told you didn’t I? Definitely going to be tuning into this one come October.

Of course, when the trailers for Suicide Squad were coming out everyone thought that movie looked like it was going to be completely sick and then it actually happened and was probably one of the worst movies ever made, so maybe don’t get too excited about this one just yet. Quietly confident it could be a modern classic though. Maybe if all the reviews say it’s shit I won’t bother though – that was a a pretty universal theme when it came to Suicide Squad. And they were actually right for once!

For more Joker, here’s a bunch of clips from it already that have been doing the rounds on social media. Nicely.


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