The First Terminator Six Promo Shot Looks Completely Badass

Sarah Connor Terminator

The real Sarah Connor is back.

We really should be talking about how the Terminator franchise is one of the sickest of all time but the truth is I didn’t even bother watching the last couple and it’s sort of lost its way a bit from the all time greatness of parts one and two.

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It looks like it could be back to its best from the first promo shot for the upcoming movie because it looks completely badass. Even though it isn’t out for over a year – 22nd November 2019, mark the date in your diary – I’m still pretty excited for it seeing this photo. I mean how badass does Linda Hamilton look as Sarah Connor:

Yeah that’s got me all kinds of pumped. I love Mackenzie Davis too so it’s awesome that she got a role in the movie, although she’s been described as ‘a soldier-assassin on a mission human character’, but it kinda looks like she’s got an exoskeleton underneath her top, right? Guess we’ll have to wait a year to find out eh?

The other woman in the shot is Natalia Reyes and she’ll be getting stalked through Mexico City by The Terminator in this movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger is confirmed to return in that role too and Tim Miller who directed the first Deadpool is at the helm. It’s also being billed as a direct sequel to Judgment Day, so I’m not really sure how they’re going to screw this one up? It’s gonna be good I know it.

For more Terminator, check out this weird six foot statue of the Terminator that turned up in Birmingham recently. What was that about?


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