First Sniff: Another Inevitable Parody Of The First Kiss Video Featuring Dogs

First Sniff

We got 20 dogs to kiss each other and lick each other’s buttonholes for the first time.

It was inevitable that there would be a whole bunch of these videos coming out – we’ve already featured the first hand job one – but this one that re-enacts the whole stupid video with dogs is probably even cuter than the original. And I’m assured that none of the dogs in the video are actors this time as well.

As you can imagine with it being dogs, there isn’t a lot of action for a while and there isn’t the same amount of passionate kissing as in the original video – it’s more just a bunch of dogs licking each other’s butts, but it’s still way better than the original, and probably more moving too.

☛ More Dogs: Slow Motion Supercut Of Dogs Slobbering

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