Here’s The First Picture Of The Man Who Broke Into A Co-Op To Have Sex With The Corpses


He lifted the lids of multiple coffins before picking his victim.

A couple of days ago we told you that a guy was about to stand trial accused of breaking into a Co-Op funeral home and having sex with a corpse – and now we can bring you all the grisly details.

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The 23 year old man’s name is Kasim Khuram and he admitted to busting into the Central England Co-operative Funeralcare in Great Barr, Birmingham at 3am on November 11th and then proceeding to sexually penetrate a body. He also admitted burgling the funeral home as well, all whilst giving the thumbs up sign to his supporters and family during the ten minute hearing.

CPS Spokesman Baljinder Kaur said the following to him:

Kasin Khuran

This is an unusual case and it is difficult to imagine a more distressing violation of a loved one.

On the strength of the case built by the police and CPS the defendant ultimately pleaded guilty and will now have to face the consequences.

Our thoughts are with the families of the deceased.

Judge Francis Laird QC revealed that he had adjourned sentencing until January 31st so a psychological profile could be performed on Khuram, but warned him that he faced substantial jail time because of. And can you blame him? Freakin’ weirdo had sex with someone’s dead body – ain’t no way you can get away with that and not serve some jail time. It’s messed up.

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