Here Are The First Photos From Inside The Psychotic Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Room

APTOPIX Las Vegas Shooting

Following on from the tragic events in Las Vegas this week, more and more details are emerging about Stephen Paddock and the circumstances surrounding his decision to murder 59 people and injure 500 more.

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Fox 25 Boston have managed to obtain pictures from inside the room – room 135 of the Mandalay Bay Hotel – and it’s a pretty grim scene, with lots of guns and ammo strewn across the floor. Paddock was clearly prepared for the oncoming massacre and willing to go for some time judging by everything he had laying around the room:

Grim, and a chilling reminder of just how calculated this all was from Paddock. No news yet on if we’ll ever get to the bottom of just why he sought to murder all these people in the first place. We might never know, and that could be the scariest thing about this all incident.

Our thoughts are with everyone who was affected by the shooting yesterday. If you want to see Piers Morgan dominate a pro gun idiot, then click here. It’ll cheer you up even if you hate Morgan, trust.


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