Here’s The First Full Trailer For Toy Story 4

Toy Story 4

Bo Peep is back.

I’m fairly certain that people of every age are going to enjoy Toy Story 4 when it’s released this summer because the tales of Woody and Buzz are something that pretty much everyone has grown up to and can relate to on some level.

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Up until now we’ve only really seen teaser trailer for the latest (final?) instalment in the series, but today the first full trailer dropped on Good Morning America and it’s pretty much everything that you would want from it. Just dive right in and get reunited with the old gang including a very different version of Bo Peep to the one you probably remember:

Yeah I mean even that trailer got me pretty emotional – what’s Bonnie gonna do if she loses all her toys? Doesn’t Woody finally deserve to retire in that sweet looking toy utopia for missing toys? Is Sporky gonna become any less annoying throughout the duration of the movie (yes is definitely the answer to that one)?

Given how great the three movies before this one were, I don’t think that there’s gonna be any way that they can screw this one up, especially seeing how perfect this trailer was. Can’t wait to catch this in the summer where I’ll probably be a blubbering idiot. See you there.

For more of the same, here’s one of the earlier trailers. Not as good, but still features a couple of new characters and stuff.


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