Another Trailer For Toy Story 4 Has Just Dropped

Toy Story 4

We’re really getting treated this week.

Toy Story 4 is probably going to be one of the most anticipated movies of all time, so it’s kinda odd that Disney and Pixar have treated us with this second teaser trailer just one day after the first one dropped.

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The first trailer didn’t really give us any idea what was going on in the movie other than the fact that there was going to be some weird fork that didn’t think it was actually a toy in it and to be honest the second one isn’t that helpful either. It revolves around two new characters called Ducky and Bunny discussing the trailer for the new Toy Story movie.


I mean yeah, it’s cool that Toy Story trailers are coming out but when they’re just really short and don’t actually get me pumped for the movie and just kinda annoy me I’m not so sure if it is that great anymore. Maybe they’ll drop a real trailer when Thanksgiving comes around and we can get excited about that. Fingers crossed.

Until then – to infinity and beyond! If you missed the first trailer yesterday click here, but it’s really not all that either.


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