The First Fan And Critic Reviews Of IT: Chapter Two Have Been Released

The verdict is in.

It: Chapter Two is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated horror sequels of all time – mainly because most of the time nobody actually wants a sequel to a horror movie – and the first critic and fan reviews are coming in and letting people know what we can expect when the movie drops on September 6th.

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I guess all these people managed to see it at a preview screening or something, but the main news to take out from it is that most of the comments seem to be positive, even if a few of them are saying that it’s not as good as the first, is overambitious, too long etc. These guys are film critics so of course they’re going to be assholes about it – I think that for the most part your general punter is probably going to enjoy it, especially if you liked the first one.

Anyway, here are a few of the reviews:

Yeah I’m feeling good about it on the basis of those. Seems like a lot of them are being picky for the sake of being picky and whilst I doubt it’s going to be the frightfest that may have been hinted at in the trailers, I reckon it’ll still deliver where it counts.

For more IT, check out the trailer for Chapter Two. That really is creepy.


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