This Is The First Ever Mobile Phone, 30 Years On

First Ever Mobile Phone

It needed a 10 hour charge for 30 minutes of talk time.

It might be a bummer that you didn’t get that iPhone 6 that you wanted for Christmas, but just be thankful that you’re not lumbered with this hunk of junk from 30 years ago.

Incredibly the photo above was the first mobile phone – not that you could call it that mobile – and although it looks like a massive piece of crap by today’s standards, it did pave the way for the mobile phones that we’re all so dependent on in this day and age. It’s called the Vodafone VT1 Transporter and was the size of a breeze block, needed to charge for ten hours to give you thirty minutes of talk time, weighed 11 pounds and cost around £1650 – that’s the equivalent of £4600 in today’s money. Expensive sure, but nowhere near as expensive as the most expensive mobile phone in history.

Nevertheless it deserves its place in history as the first ever mobile phone call was made on it between he chairman of Vodafone Sir Ernest Miller to his son Michael on January 1st 1985. As a homage to its 30th anniversary, Vodafone have made a short video which you can see below advertising it as though it was a new gadget coming out in 2015. Quirky.


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