Female Gamer Has Mental Breakdown After Being Virtually Raped In Grand Theft Auto V

Oh dear.

I don’t know what kind of hacked version of GTA V this lot are playing, but female gamer Brittany Venti probably wishes she hadn’t bothered after finding herself in the middle of some wildly inappropriate behaviour at the hands of GTA online crew.

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Here’s how it all went down:

I don’t know if that experience triggered a memory of some real world trauma for Brittany, but holy shit did she take it badly. I mean it goes without saying that the idea of rape is horrific whether it’s happening in real life, on TV or in a video game, so I’m sure she could get every last one of these dudes thrown off the game if she just reports the incident.

Alternatively, she could have just switched off the console? That would probably be the quickest and most effective way of dealing with it, and her character would have vanished off the screen so they would have all been standing there in the middle of the street with their dicks out and feeling silly. Oh well, hindsight’s 20/20.

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