There’s Actually A Real Life Female Fight Club In New York City – Watch This Documentary About It

Brooklyn Girls Fight Club

Perfect Friday night viewing.

The first real of Fight Club was obviously that you don’t talk about Fight Club, but these women over in New York have broken that about as hard as they break each other’s bones by actually deciding to film a documentary about it.

It centres on the The Brooklyn Girls Fight Club in Brownsville but this isn’t the only fight club like this in the city. Due to a legal loophole in New York state law, underground MMA fighting is allowed to go down pretty much anywhere and as such there are a number of these fight clubs starting up all over the place.

Promoter and documentary maker Samson Styles explains:

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It’s just a fighting community, sorry to say. And these women fight.

So I ask how can I channel that to make it constructive? So I stared the fight club.

And we got these known females that cause havok in the community and fight and say why don’t you do this for money?

We weren’t exploiting these women. This is their lives. We’re just telling their story.

If you’ve paid to see a Floyd Mayweather fight, whats the difference?

It helps their esteem. It helps them control their anger.

Because they might have gotten angry and just lashed out before, but now they say ‘Hold up, I gotta train. I’ll see you in the ring in two weeks.

According to the documentary, it did actually help a lot of the women involved with the club as they used their winnings to get out of the hood and kickstart their lives. The Brooklyn Girls Fight Club has now shut down, but if you’re in New York and fancy checking one of these out then I’m sure there are a bunch around as the police are powerless to stop it.

If you want to check out the full documentary too you can below, but you’re going to need an IP shield as it’s not available in the UK for some reason. If you just like fighting, check out some of the greatest fights the internet has ever seen.


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