Watch This Insane CCTV Of A FedEx Driver Surviving A Full On EF-3 Tornado

Holy crap.

This is CCTV footage of a hardware shop getting absolutely pulverised during an EF-3 category tornado in Paincourtville, Louisiana last week, nearly killing FedEx driver Kyra Johnson in the process.

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In the clip you can see her dashing towards the shop entrance, finding the door locked, and then taking cover behind a vending machine just before the roof literally gets ripped off the building.

Amazingly, she survived:

She posted this message onto FB afterwards:


Well, guess I’d be kissing God’s arse too if I’d somehow survived that. As soon as the CCTV camera cut I thought oh fuck — this girl’s finished. The thing I don’t get is; don’t tornados give you plenty of advance warning before they show up? You’re seriously slipping if you’re waiting till the last second to find shelter. Next time might not be so lucky Kyra.

P.S. Ever seen a fire tornado? Check this bad boy out.


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