Japanese Father Kills His 12-Year-Old Son For Not Studying Hard Enough

Japanese Kids Not Studying

High intensity learning.

Back in the day, I’m pretty sure I was under a fair bit of pressure to succeed in whatever exams or tests I ended up taking, but I don’t think that I would ever end up dead if I had failed. Just grounded or something.

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The same can’t be said of this 12-year-old kid from Nagoya, Japan, called Ryota who was brutally stabbed to death by his 48-year-old father Kengo Satake after he failed to achieve the grades required to get into one of the best private schools in Aichi prefecture. I mean, if you know anything about Japanese culture, the pressure for children and their parents to get them into a good school is immense. But I didn’t realise it was THAT immense.

Satake said the following:

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I argued with my son for not studying.

Things escalated and the attack happened in the heat of the moment by mistake and I stabbed him in the chest with a kitchen knife.

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Jesus, quite the mistake to make there pal. Just kill your kid, who brutally died from blood loss so must have been stabbed a few times, because he didn’t get into some posh school. Gimme a break dude, you sound like a piece of shit. Just ground him for a bit or take away his allowance or ban him from going on the internet or something.

Needless to say Satake has been arrested, will probably go to jail and will almost certainly get divorced too. His wife was at work during the time of the stabbing, which was why she couldn’t step in and break it up.

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