Far Right Plan ‘Fake Gay Pride’ In Muslim Populated Area To Stir Up Hate And Violence

Pride Järva

Offensive on so many levels.

A group of far right activists over in Sweden have come under fire after organising an unofficial gay Pride parade to run through a predominantly immigrant neighbourhood with a large Muslim population.

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The parade has attracted criticism from the official Pride organisers, Sweden’s LGBT federation and anti-racism groups who believe that the agenda behind the event is to try and provoke Muslims in the area.

Pride Järva is organised by Jan Sjunnesson, editor of website Avpixlat, often described in the Swedish media as a xenophobic and far-right website.

A joint statement released to Al Jazeera, the official Stockholm Pride and the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL), said:

Jan Sjunnesson has for a long time made himself known as a person who’s spreading hatred towards Muslims on social media [and] who’s not supporting LGBT rights.

The magazine Expo in February published a compilation in which they, among other things, showed how Sjunnesson … had shared an American film where Muslims were described as paedophiles and homosexuals and a ‘Satanistic threat against society’ who should be deported.

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Sjunnesson denies claims that he’s “homophobic” and “racist” (sure) and said that he plans to have a “fun and peaceful” parade. Oh yeah, great fun trying to provoke hate whilst also making a mockery of what is supposed to be the celebration of gay rights.

Thankfully a counter parade has been organised with around eight times more people planning on attending than Pride Järva. The Facebook page says:

When the racists and Islamophobes want to use LGBT as a tool we have to unite and say NO.

Damn straight – I hope the anti-fascist protestors really do rain on this parade.

Maybe they should call in this international LGBT military mega-team. They’d know what to do.


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