Fans Are Saying That The Latest Trailer To Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Free Guy’ Is Pretty Disturbing

This is pretty strange stuff.

I remember seeing the trailer to ‘Free Guy’ – in which Ryan Reynolds plays a non playable character in a video game who suddenly becomes self aware – over a year ago and thinking that it looked pretty intriguing, but this latest trailer has blow all of that out of the water with some people going as far as labelling it downright disturbing.

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The ‘trailer’ can probably best be described as a behind the scenes look at Reynolds playing one of the characters in the movie called ‘Dude’ who is pretty much a meathead jock. It’s very, very strange and kind of unclear whether this is actually part of the movie or just some weird little vignette Reynolds has decided to film in order to creep people out and promote the movie. I’m thinking probably the latter –  and it seems like ‘Dude’ is definitely in the actual movie – but you never know:

Well that was strange wasn’t it, especially with Taika Waititi showing up in what looks like a clip from the actual movie. Is he playing a game developer in it or what?

Anyway, I was probably going to go and watch ‘Free Guy’ anyway – it’s been described as a modern day ‘Truman Show’ and that was a great movie – and this hasn’t put me off, although it’s made me think that it’s probably going to be even weirder and stranger than I originally envisaged. It’s out in two weeks so not long to wait.

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