Ryan Reynolds’ Cameo Of Himself In New Movie ‘6 Underground’ Is The Best Cameo Ever

Ryan Reynolds can do anything he wants.

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay’s new film ‘6 Underground’ it out now on Netflix. I haven’t seen it yet but I guess if you love Ryan Reynolds and non-stop action it’s probably worth checking out.

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Another reason to check it out is the Easter egg that involves Ryan Reynolds pulling off a mind-bending feat – a cameo of himself in a movie that he’s already starring in.

How the hell does that work? I’ll tell you how – Ryan Reynolds shared this Instagram video during one of the car chases in the movie:

You can actually see him standing there in the distance during the actual film:

Great stuff. I’m not sure how many other actors could get away with doing that but everyone loves Ryan Reynolds (including Michael Bay I guess) so they just let the guy do whatever he wants. As long as Michael Bay is getting paid to blow things up and film insane car chases, he’s happy.

Now I wonder how he’s going to top that stunt in the $130 million heist film he’s starring in next year – also starring The Rock and Gal Gadot. Can’t wait for that one.


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