This Crazy Fan Theory Claims That Elvis Presley Was In ‘Home Alone’


Despite the fact he died 13 years earlier.

Ever since The King’s premature death in 1977, there have been dozens of fan sightings that claim that he is still alive. Some people just can’t accept he’s no longer with us anymore.

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These theories are normally completely outlandish by their very nature, but this latest fan theory that Elvis Presley made an appearance in ‘Home Alone’ has to be the most ridiculous yet. This is mainly due to the fact that he is said to have died 13 years before said appearance, and I doubt that he would be standing around as an extra on a movie set if he had tried to fake his own death.

But hey, you never know, and some people are apparently convinced that it is the man himself. Fans spotted him in the scene where Kevin’s mum Kate arrives in Pennsylvania and is desperately trying to get a flight home to Chicago to young Kevin McAllister. There’s a bearded man in the background that people are claiming is Elvis, and it all comes down to this seemingly irrefutable piece of evidence that you can see below:

Wow. Mind blown. It simply has to be Elvis Presley right? No other explanation.

There’s also another tinpot theory out there that this guy must be Elvis Presley because if you rearrange the letters of Kevin McAllister, it spells ‘I, Mr Elvis, Act’.  Again, it simply has to be true with so much evidence staring us in the face right?

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