A Fan Has Recut The Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe Into A Horror Movie


Lockdown is finally easing and people can now share the fruits of their time spent in quarantine and one of the best uses of time we’ve seen so far is from this guy who decided to cut a horror movie trailer from the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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It used to be all the rage to cut famous movies into a trailer for a different genre, but I haven’t really seen so much of it recently but FullBolly is hoping to bring it back with his perfectly realised effort that you can see below. Jump right in:

Yeah, he’s cut that remarkably well hasn’t he? Sure, it doesn’t really explain whose coming after The Avengers or what is really going on in the movie, but that probably happens in the trailer to most horror movies anyway and only serves to amplify the dread, which is exactly what is happening here. Definitely gets you intrigued.

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