Watch Mr. Bean Recut As A Disturbing Horror Thriller Movie

Mr Bean

The stuff of nightmares.

Mr. Bean is one of those character’s who you grew up with on your TV screen. Pretty much everyone in the UK recognises Rowan Atkinson’s character as being an amusing child in a man’s body.

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But if you take away the comedic familiarity, and take away the context, Mr. Bean is actually one creepy mother fucker. The way he doesn’t talk, makes bizarre gestures and acts like a child when faced with solving problems. It’s all very unnerving.

No one understands this more than John Loberger, who made a recut of Rowan Atkinson’s “great TV, ghastly movie” classic in a horror thriller trailer. Mr. Bean becomes genuinely terrifying when you take his antics seriously.

Well that’s my childhood ruined.

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