A Fan Captured Joaquin Phoenix’s Iconic Joker Stair Walk In Real Time

Behind the magic.

Joker is one of the movies of the year – becoming the highest grossing R rated movie ever and burrowing its way into serious reckoning come awards season as well – and one of its most iconic scenes seems destined to be replayed for years to come: where Arthur finally transforms into Joker and dances down that set of steps in The Bronx.

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Whilst there might be some problems with the scene’s choice of music – it plays Rock N Roll Part 2 by paedophile Gary Glitter over it – there’s no denying that the scene is an all time classic. Obviously in the movie it’s played in slow motion but one lucky fan seems like he was actually there at the time of filming and has finally uploaded Phoenix’s walk in real time to the internet.

Check it out below:

How the magic happens hey? Shame this dude didn’t record it all but it’s quite cute seeing him doing the warm ups before he actually embarks on that crazyass walk isn’t it?

Maybe some more footage will come out in the future though because it seems like more and more information about the production of Joker is being dripped to us as the movie becomes more and more successful. Weird that hey?

To watch director Todd Philips break down the opening scene of Joker, click here. So much going on there.


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