Watch Joker Director Break Down The Movie’s Opening Scene

There’s a lot going on here.

Everyone all over the world is seemingly talking about Joker and it seems like everyone has got an opinion on it, whether they’ve seen it or not.

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This isn’t really a spoiler – but it could easily be construed as one so if you haven’t seen Joker yet then maybe you shouldn’t read any further – but the movie does question the sanity of Arthur Fleck throughout and there’s quite a few scenes that may or not happen in reality – they could simply be a figment of Arthur’s imagination given the nature of the movie. With this in mind, it’s probably pretty useful that director Todd Philips has decided to come forward and break down the movie’s opening scenes to let us know exactly what is going on in them.

Take it away Todd:

Wow. That really is a fascinating watch and really shows how meticulous and obsessive film directors can be when they’re in the zone and working on a project and it looks like all the hard work and attention to detail is paying off as everyone is talking about Joker as a masterpiece and tipping it to be a frontrunner when the Oscars roll around next year. That’s the kind of dedication you need if you want to make it kids.

For more on Joker, did you hear Gary Glitter was getting a shitload of money for letting his song be used in the film? Not cool.


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