Family Visits UK Cafe For Food After Lockdown; Is Run By Homophobic, Racist Child Abuse Cult

Not the best post lockdown meal.

It’s been a hell of a trip for a lot of us this past couple of weeks as we’ve ventured out of our houses and into restaurants and bars for the first time in months following the gradual lifting of lockdown, but spare a thought for the person in this story who went for a meal with their family in south west England at a cafe and discovered that it was a front for a homophobic, racist, sexist child abuse cult.

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They laid it all out in a Twitter thread:

In case you’re wondering this all went down in Honiton in SW England and the Twelve Tribes community (cult) there also owns the Common Loaf Bakery as well. It honestly never even occurred to me that stuff like that went on in this country, but I suppose that was naive – I guess if you ever find yourself visiting the area then try and avoid those two establishments if you don’t wanna be freaked out. Not sure if they would attack you or do anything bad to you but it’s probably scary enough just even being in their close vicinity.

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