Family Find World’s Deadliest Spider In Waitrose Home Delivery

Brazilian Wandering Spider

This isn’t what you want to find in your shopping.

Similar to an incident last year where a load of spiders exploded from a bunch of bananas a woman had picked up in Sainsbury’s, a Brazilian wandering spider – the world’s most aggressive and venomous spider – has been found in a bunch of bananas delivered to a family in South London by Waitrose.

The spider didn’t go down easily either. Once the father Tim spotted it, he managed to capture it but it then ripped off its own leg to escape and disappeared around the house. Tim managed to track it down again though with the help of an expert once his wife and two sons had fled the house in fear of their lives. It got even worse when the family discovered thousands of eggs in the bunch of bananas too.

Both the police and the RSPCA refused to deal with the spider because it was so dangerous and so it was left to a Waitrose worker and a pest control expert to do so. Steve Tippett – the pest control expert – got rid of the eggs by freezing them and then tracked down the spider at the bottom of a fruit bowl. It became aggressive, bearing its fangs and standing on its back legs. Using a couple of sticks though Tippett was able to manouvre  it into a box which was then placed in two other boxes and taken to a scientific centre abroad.


Unsurprisingly the family was so traumatised that they couldn’t even stay in the house once it had been found, which is understandable really as it literally could have killed them. Waitrose decided to offer them £150 in shopping vouchers and a family day out as compensation. Sounds like a fair trade right? If you’re worried about the same thing happening to you check out this video of how to catch a huntsman spider so that at least you know how to get around one if it does happen.

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