This Family’s Christmas Video Card Puts Us All To Shame

holderness christmas

Family raps to Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ about getting the snip, appearing in Iron Man 3 and general Christmas stuff

Christmas is coming, as a festive Rob Stark might say, and its the time of year when even those of us with the coldest of hearts melt at the edges with all of the good will towards men and that kind of thing that goes on around December 25th. It’s the time of year when we’re stuck in awkward family situations making small talk with second cousins once removed whilst drinking a snowball or five to make the conversation a tad more amusing.

Well, there is at least one family who are the living embodiment of the ‘Christmas spirit’. Meet the Holderness family who are are successful, attractive and it seems they are pretty good at rapping and dancing. Their video Christmas card involves the family rapping to Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ in their Christmas pyjamas, Mr Holderness getting a vasectomy, Mrs Holderness appearing in Iron Man 3 (and mocking her husband for his tiny part in the same film) and all the stuff the kids have got up to this year. The girl can count to 100 in Chinese apparently, cocky little shit.

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So if you want something to fill you full of festive cheer or something to fill you full of festive rage then have a look at their video, bloody happy American families making us look bad.



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