Fake Chemistry Professor Pranks Entire Class On First Day At Uni (Video)


The opportunity to prank a class full of unsuspecting, vulnerable minds was just too irresistible for this pretend chemistry professor.

It’s your first day at university and you turn up to class in good time ready to tackle the subject which will inevitably become the bane of your existence over the next 3 or so years, when you find out that your professor isn’t actually your real professor and everything he’s been saying is total bull.

That’s exactly what happened to these chemistry students when the professor who took their class, “Professor H”, was actually just a random guy making up BS statistics to scare the crap out of the students and had them going the whole time. The best part is when the actual Professor H walks in and confronts the guy who just legs it out of there as fast as he can. The sheer terror on some of the students’ faces as he tells them that 55% of the class from the year before failed the course is priceless. Check it out:

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