The Facility From GoldenEye Recreated In The Unreal 4 Engine Looks Absolutely Sick

GoldenEye Facility Unreal Engine

If only this would actually happen.

GoldenEye undeniably revolutionised video games and also revolutionised multiplayer games – I can’t count how many hours I would spend shooting all of my friends in the back and laying proximity mines in the Archive when I was a kid. I’m sure many people reading this can relate. Man, those days were good.

So it’s a massive nostalgia trip to see something like this. It’s the Facility level from GoldenEye – a favourite with pretty much everyone – recreated in the Unreal 4 engine and it looks absolutely dope. As great as GoldenEye was, I’m sure everyone will agree that the blockhead graphics and jumpy frame rate wasn’t exactly ideal, so it’s insane to see it updated like this and think what might have been.

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Breathtaking. Pity he didn’t include the vent part or Dr. Doak, but he beggars can’t be choosers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anything like this will ever come close to happening in terms of a re-imagining or reboot of the N64 classic, as there are a lot of complicated issues regarding the rights apparently that look like they’ll never be resolved. But just imagine eh?

You can also listen to the Goldeneye level theme music uncompressed, which basically makes it sound completely dope now. Why can’t they just sort out this new version already?


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