You Can Now Listen To An Uncompressed Version Of The Goldeneye 64 Soundtrack

Goldeneye Cover

Whoever thought that Goldeneye could sound this good?

Goldeneye is undoubtedly one of the best games ever and I’m sure many people reading this will have excellent memories of sleepovers at their mate’s houses when they would stay up all night throwing proximity mines around Facility. Or if you had that one annoying mate who would always make you play in Complex, then probably playing power weapons in there as well.

Goldeneye wasn’t just great because of the single and multiplayer options though, it also excelled in every department relating to a video game and this included the soundtrack. You probably didn’t know this, but back when Goldeneye first came out (which was depressingly probably almost 20 years ago), all of the music files had to be compressed massively in order to fit them onto the cartridge, which severely affected the music quality and this is why they sounded so tinny. We didn’t know any better back then though I’m sure so it still sounded awesome and really added to the buzz of running around shooting your mates in the back (most dishonourable award).

Now though, compression is so advanced that you can fit about 10,000 songs on your iPod if you really want to and it’s just completely standard that the audio quality is barely affected unless you’re a music producer or a tat. I don’t know why this has taken so long, but now thanks to this technology someone has decided to uncompress the original Goldeneye theme music so that it can finally be heard how it’s meant to sound in all its glory. Crank your speakers to this one.

Unfortunately the dude hasn’t done every level but maybe if enough people listen to this and share it then maybe he’ll finish what he started. We can but hope. Here’s the track listing and if you enjoyed that be sure to check out this version of Goldeneye in real life too:

1 – Severnaya Bunker [0:00]
2 – Frigate [04:58]
3 – Antenna Cradle [08:32]
4 – Statue Park [12:45]
5 – Perimeter [16:42]
6 – Archives [22:22]
7 – Streets [24:20]


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