Dude Skiving Work Gets Caught Out On Sick Chirpse Photo Comments; Public React Accordingly

Straight up busted.

There’s always the issue these days that you’re going to get caught out on social media if you say one thing and do another, or in the case of the guy in this story don’t even bother to call in sick for work but get busted by your boss for posting Facebook comments. Oof.

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The guy’s name is Rob and I can’t actually find his original comment – gimme a break, there are 1000 comments on it or something – but his boss decided to comment on the photo too and predictably it quickly rose to be top comment. Unfortunately for him though, nobody else was too sympathetic that Rob had failed to call in sick for his job after not turning up.

Some of these are absolutely golden:

Guy Rinsed Work 1

Guy Rinsed Work 3

Guy Rinsed Work 2

They say you should never read the comments, and I hope Martin Richardson followed that mantra because I can’t think that he would be best pleased about getting completely rinsed by the general population after just getting completely mugged off by Rob.

For more skipping work, check out this story about a 69 year old man who didn’t come in for six years and nobody even noticed. Gotta take a leaf out of his book Rob.


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