Here’s How To Play The Secret Game Hidden In Facebook Messenger

What is it with Facebook and all their sneaky surprises recently?

What is it with Facebook and their sneaky surprise lately? Last week we revealed they had a second website offering fast, free messaging which had been running quietly since April 2015, and today it’s been discovered that there’s a secret chess game hidden within Facebook Messenger.

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Someone on Reddit figured out that if you type ‘@fbchess play’ during a conversation, it’ll bring it up instantly.

Like so:

chess 1

You then have to figure out how to move the actual pieces. Here’s the key:

K for king

Q for queen

B for bishop

N for knight

R for rook

P for pawn

Like so:


So in the above example, the user has moved the pawn by typing ‘@fbchess Pb3’.

You’ll get used to it — just type ‘@fbchess help’ if you need any extra assistance.

May help kill some time until the arrival of 2016’s most anticipated gaming experience.


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