This Extreme Sports Fan Filmed His Own Death While Making A Video For GoPro

Uli Emanuele

He died doing what he loved.

An extreme sports fan filmed his own death this week while making a video for camera company GoPro.

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29-year-old Uli Emanuele was leaping from a mountain top in Italy when he lost control and smashed into the rocks before he could open his parachute.

He had even posted on Facebook “ready to open a new jump” before making the leap from the Dolomites, a mountain range in Italy.

Before his tragic passing, this guy had started off his career as a parachutist but later became an online sensation and video maker for GoPro due to his extreme and incredibly dangerous base jumps from risky standpoints. In particular, the video below is what made him famous:

Incredible. So sad that his love for extreme sports is the reason for his life being taken away so soon. RIP dude.

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