Check Out The Extreme Difference Between The Media Coverage Of Ebola In The USA And The UK

Ebola Alert

Can you guess which one is the most sensational?

The news of the Ebola outbreak has pretty much dominated the media recently – especially with news of the virus spreading to Europe and victims allegedly rising from the dead in West Africa – but there’s definitely more than one way to report on such an event, as highlighted in this Russell Howard sketch.

I’m by no means a fan of Russell Howard – in fact I can’t even really think of another time when I’ve even found him funny, and to be fair it’s not really him that makes this funny, it’s the clip – but he’s completely nailed it with these contrasting media clips. As you probably expected, the United States’ coverage of the outbreak is completely over the top and sensationalist and makes it look like the world is going to end, whereas the UK’s coverage is cool calm and collected.

We recognise there’s a problem but also recognise that it’s not a massive problem and it will probably be fairly simple to contain and communicate this in a way that doesn’t get the nation into a fully fledged panic. If only the Yanks could cool it with the hyperbole for once eh?

The best clip is probably of some random black guy who looks like he’s standing outside of a prison talking about how he can’t go to anyone’s house for dinner anymore in case someone with Ebola touches their ass and then puts ass ebola in the spaghetti. That’s a true story and he only gets better as the clip progresses.


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