These Are The Extra Priests From ‘Father Ted’ Who Stole The Show

Father Jack

So many to choose from.

It’s been over two decades since Graham Linehan and Arthur Mathews’ Channel 4 comedy ‘Father Ted’ hit our screens and to this day, it remains one of the greatest (if not the greatest) British comedies of all time.

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The series followed three Catholic priests (Ted, Dougal and Jack) and their tea-loving housekeeper Mrs. Doyle, marooned off the west coast of Ireland. Although it might not have seemed like a hugely winning formula, the misadventures of this unfortunate foursome led to this show being deeply ingrained as one of the most-loved comedies ever made.


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One of the features about this show that stood out were the many minor priests who featured sporadically throughout. In every episode there would be another new priest who had some sort of bizarre, standout trait, and often times their performance would steal the show. Here’s a rundown of some of our favourites:

Father Finton Stack 

Father Stack (a personal favourite) may have only appeared in one episode, but it was a memorable one. Stack, who appears as Father Jack’s replacement, turns out to be far more unbearable to live with due to his serious attitude and love for Jungle music.

Father Paul Stone

The exceedingly boring Priest who Father Ted (unintentionally) puts in the hospital. 

Father Dick Byrne 

Basically Father Ted’s doppelgänger, but also his arch nemesis.

Bishop Brennan 

Brennan is the Bishop who doesn’t really want to be a Bishop (judging by his love for women and booze). He’s also Ted’s most feared superior – particularly when Ted has to kick Brennan up the arse:

Father Damo Lennon

Damo, the Dublin priest visiting the island, soon began to lead the malleable young Dougal astray.

Father Kevin 

Father Kevin – the suicidal priest who lived on Craggy Island. This guy’s mood was lifted up then smashed back down depending on what band was on the radio.

Father Billy O’Dwyer 

The ‘Spinmaster’ who rocked up to Father Ted’s charity event without any records aside from The Specials’ ‘Ghost Town’.

Father Hernandez

His appearance was brief but memorable. Father Hernandez was the ultra stylish Cuban priest who gifts Ted with a “fertility symbol”.

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