Expert Warns That Smoking Can Make Your Penis Shrink

Time to quit.

Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health, but a whole bunch of us still do it anyway because it feels good or looks cool or whatever. It’s just the way of the world.

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New information has now emerged though that might make you think twice about continuing to smoke if you’re a guy though, as apparently smoking can cause your penis to shrink. Nobody wants a tiny dick so you would understand why this might make a dude think twice, but again there’s already so much information out there about why smoking is bad for you and people still continue to do it, so I doubt it’s gonna make much difference.

If you want to know the details, Harley Street urologist Marc Laniado is here for you:

I see erectile dysfunction a great deal.

To have a firm erection, you need sufficient blood flow. Smokers have a higher incidence of artherosclerosis in all blood vessels, including those in the penis, which can reduce blood flow.

The chemicals in smoke may also have an effect on firmness; nicotine causes blood vessels to become narrow. This can be temporary or – eventually – permanent.

Often they will say, ‘My erection is not so good, I don’t wake up with an erection in the morning as much as I used to or my penis isn’t quite so hard when I’m having sexual relations’.

But also sometimes people say that their penis is getting shorter as they get older, as smoking stops the blood flowing through the penis, which stops the spontaneous and nightly erections that are needed to stretch the penis and keep it at a good length.

So in summary smoking can make your penis appear shorter or in fact become shorter.

Damn. It all makes sense, but is it going to be enough to finally quit that disgusting habit for good? You decide.

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