This Rancid Video Shows What Your Lungs Look Like After Smoking Just One Pack Of Cigs


Seriously rank.

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you and is probably going to kill you if you indulge in it as a hobby, but it’s safe to assume that not everybody knows just how terrible it is for you.

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Videos like the one below might be able to help you understand the full horror of what smoking does to your lungs. In it, a guy uses cotton balls to simulate the lungs and what happens to them when you smoke a whole packet of cigarettes. To say it looks grim would be an understatement:

Man oh man. That really is upsetting watching. I advise you show it to anyone you care about who smokes and encourage them to stop immediately because you’ve gotta think after checking it out that there’s at least a chance that it might convince them to give it a shot after seeing such a rancid video. It’s worth a shot.

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