Ewan McGregor Completely BURNED Boris Johnson For Refusing To Stand For Tory Leadership

Ewan McGregor

You tell him Ewan.

We told you earlier today that Boris Johnson had sensationally pulled out of the race for the Tory leadership in a move that few people could have seen coming as it seemed the obvious choice and all nailed on it to happen.

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Obviously, most of the country was disappointed by this decision as Boris had pretty much led the Leave campaign and it seemed like a bit of a weasel move to duck out now that everything seems completely screwed. This sentiment was perfectly conveyed by none other than Ewan McGregor, who decided to tweet the following to the former Mayor Of London:

Eloquently put. But seriously, Boris Johnson is being a bit of a prick about all of this isn’t he? And I dare say a lot of people agree with Ewan McGregor there. What can we do about it though? Fuck all really, just wait for Theresa May to come to power and probably screw everything up even worse. Great.

At least we’ve got Ewan McGregor’s new movie ‘Trainspotting 2’ to look forward to in January.


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