Everyone Thinks This ‘Hoax Prisoner’ Video Is Actually Real Footage Of A Missing Girl



Police are currently investigating whether the viral video below that emerged of a girl tied up in a basement is a hoax or not, after fears that the footage could actually be real.

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The weird video titled ‘Hi Walter! It’s me Patrick!’ became prevalent on YouTube over summer and features a weird guy in glasses talking about a girl he met at the mall. He then takes the camera through to the bathroom, where he opens the door to a girl who is tied up, screaming and crying on the floor. Pretty weird.

In recent weeks many have suggested that the girl looks a lot like a teenager named Kayla Berg who went missing in 2009 and shockingly, her family have agreed with the resemblance.


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No one has seen her since she vanished back then and the local Antigo Police Department in Wisconsin have decided to investigate the video to find out more about the case.

Creepy right? As said, many people are convinced that it is her. But – spoiler alert and all that – turns out that the video is in fact fake. When I first started writing this post, as far as everyone was concerned, this video had the potential to be real. However, reports came in within the last couple of hours, claiming that this clip is in fact 100% fake, according to authorities in Wisconsin.

I guess that’s good news, although it’s pretty sad that this didn’t result in them finding the missing girl. Even Berg’s brother, Jimmy, had hope:

Ok… for everyone messaging me… yes I’ve seen the video… and to be honest, I almost had a panic attack at work… shut down my machines and had to go sit outside.

If you’re wanting my opinion let’s just say this… we’ve contacted the FBI because our local PD doesn’t have the experience needed for this.

Hope that answers your questions. Now please stop blowing up my phone.

Ah man, I feel really bad for the family now after they got their hopes up. I would say the video makers should feel ashamed of themselves, but then how were they to know that the internet would liken this girl to the one who went missing seven years ago. It’s all just a shitty hoax that went too far.

For more fake videos, check out this hoax iPhone jack hole tutorial which convinced loads of dumbasses to drill holes into their new phones. Idiots.


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