Dumbasses Have Actually Been Drilling Holes Into Their iPhone 7s After Watching Hoax Video


If you’re that stupid, you shouldn’t be allowed an iPhone.

OK, so the other day we reported on a joke video that appeared to show a man drilling a headphone jack hole into his new iPhone 7 using a hand drill.

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Obviously this was to make light of the fact that everyone’s super pissed that Apple decided to make its new device without a headphone jack and it was all rather amusing and whatnot. But it turns out, some dumbasses have actually been drilling holes into their new iPhones and then complaining when it didn’t work. Wow.

I guess we should’ve predicted that this would happened but you really have to be in Joey Essex’s end of the IQ pool to think that this would actually work.

drilling hole in phone

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In the comments below the video, one viewer wrote:

I drilled it in but for some reason my phone won’t turn on or charge, is there a software or app I need to install?

While another wrote:

Uhhh I have a problem. My phone won’t turn on and the headphone jack didn’t work. Someone please tell me what to do.

This really does make me worry for humanity. Obviously the company who put the video out, TechRax, can’t be held accountable for these fuckwits’ new iPhones being broken since they are openly a pranking vlogger.

These idiots are probably the same people who have been spending £1,000 on laundry bags. Come on guys, use your brains.


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