Here’s Every Stan Lee Cameo In Every Marvel Movie Since 2008

Stan Lee


The world was saddened yesterday when they heard of the passing of one of the world’s most legendary creators in 95 year old Stan Lee.

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Stan was responsible for most of the iconic Marvel characters that have made such a big impact on the world recently thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You name it and he was probably involved with it – X Men, Fantastic Four, Incredible Hulk, Ant Man, Spider Man, Daredevil and Iron Man to name but a few of the characters that are pretty much household names these days. You’ve also gotta give him props for creating strong female characters and fighting against racism long before any of this was by any means the norm. Truly one in a million.

Anyone who knows anything about Marvel movies will know that Stan features in every single one in a brief cameo and to celebrate his life, someone has today released a compilation of every single one of them. It’s seven minutes long but perfectly conveys the humour, earnestness and lightheartedness of this larger than life character:

Was welling up just watching that a bit. I assume we’ll probably get a couple more cameos in Captain Marvel, Avengers 4 and the new Spiderman movie next year and that’s something to look forward to in a bittersweet kinda way, but hot damn did we lose one of the good ones yesterday. RIP and thanks for everything.

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