There’s A Massive Twist In The Story About PSG Star Who Allegedly Hired Thugs To Attack Teammate

Plot twist.

Last week we wrote about the PSG star who was taken into custody after allegedly hiring thugs to attack and injure her teammate. Well it now turns out Aminata Diallo (left in the picture above) isn’t the prime suspect after all, despite being locked in a fierce competition with victim Kheira Hamraoui over a first-team spot.

Yes indeed, it’s now being reported that the main suspect is Eric Adibal’s wife. Who is Eric Adibal, you ask?

He’s a former France international and Lyon/Barcelona/Olympiakos player who became Barcelona Sporting Director. He was sacked after Barcelona got thrashed 8-2 by Bayern Munich last year. However, he was Sporting Director when Barcelona signed up Hamraoui in 2018. Why is that relevant? Well, according to ESPN

Sources have told ESPN that while investigating the player’s phone calls, police noticed Hamraoui had called Abidal on the morning of her attack.

And there’s this report from Le Monde:

Eric Abidal is set to be questioned as part of the investigation into the attack on Hamraoui after it emerged that the sim card on Hamraoui’s device had actually been registered under his name.

Access to the calls made and received by the French player, as well as Diallo’s own statement regarding alleged threats from Abidal’s wife in the past, have put Parisian police on alert.

The case regarding the attack on Paris Saint-Germain women’s player, Kheira Hamraoui, has taken yet another dramatic twist, with the wife of former Barcelona player Eric Abidal now being investigated.

Therefore, based on the information from L’Equipe, Hayet’s involvement could have been personal revenge for a possible love affair between Eric Abidal and Kheira Hamraoui.

It has been confirmed that, at some point during the attack, one of the hooded men reproached the assailant for having slept with married men

Uh, wow. So apparently Kheira Hamraoui was having an affair with Eric Adibal, and the attack could have been set up by Adibal’s wife, Hayet Adibal, as revenge. Here’s Eric and Hayet…

Meanwhile, Aminata Diallo has been cleared…

So I guess it wasn’t a Tonya Harding situation after all. More like the plot of some crappy daytime TV movie or something. We’ll have to see how this develops as the investigation continues…

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