Genuinely Epic Star Wars Christmas Light Show On Some Dude’s House

Star Wars and Christmas don’t necessarily mix that often, but when they do even baby Jesus sheds tears of joy.

I don’t care whether you feel Chritmassy or not you grouch, it’s happening, it’s here and you’re going to have to deal with it. The following video, although 100% Chritmassy is also 100% awesome in its own right, so maybe you can still enjoy it.

Some guy with a lot of time on his hands has set up 100,000 Christmas lights, run them through 12,500 channels and made them dance to a rip-roaring Star Wars medley. I don’t know what’s involved in programming lights to come on at set times but I imagine it’s a hard-won skill.

If you happen to be over in the US of A you can pop along any evening between 6 pm and 10 pm to watch them if you like. He lives on the corner of Lafayette and Ruschin in Newark. If you’re near, pop by, all the money he raises goes to charity too. Good lad:

If that still hasn’t got your Christmas bells pumping why not read about Father Christmas’ arch enemy Krampus to further delve into your anti-seasonal pit of despair?


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