VIDEO: Dumb MLS Player Pulls Off Epic Somersault Fail In Goal Celebration

Andre Lewis

Andre Lewis is a Jamiaican footballer who really doesn’t know how to celebrate properly.

It goes without saying that the MLS isn’t exactly the most respected football league in the world, but it looks as if it isn’t just the quality of football that’s low over there but also the quality of celebrations if this clown is anything to go by.

His name is Andre Lewis and he’s a Jamaican international playing for the Vancouver Whitecaps. He scored the winner in a match with UVic Vikes (what the heck?) and was eager to celebrate it by doing one of those sick cartwheel/somersault celebrations that sick head players like Obafemi Martins do.

Unfortunately though, Andre Lewis completely flops it and pretty much just falls over like a loser. Need to work on your celebrations before you make it to the Premiership mate.

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