A Real Life ‘Stan’ Broke Into Eminem’s House And Came Face-To-Face With Him As Security Slept

My tea’s gone cold I’m wondering why.

Eminem is probably looking for new security this week after his current team slept through a break-in that resulted in a home intruder coming face-to-face with Slim Shady in his own house.

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TMZ reports that the break-in occurred at around 4am at the 47-year-old rapper’s house in a ‘secured’ gated community in Detroit.

26-year-old Matthew David Hughes managed to break into the property by smashing a kitchen window with a paving stone before climbing into the house. Not only did Eminem’s security sleep through that, they also slept through the alarm that instantly went off.

Luckily, the alarm woke up Eminem who got up to investigate and found Hughes in his living room. Eminem yelled for his security who then turned up sharpish and restrained the intruder.

Here’s a picture of him:

Hughes is currently being held on a $50k bond and apparently wasn’t interested in stealing anything from Eminem’s home. Rather, he just wanted to meet him face-to-face.

Ring any bells?

Looks like Eminem finally came face to face with a real life Stan. Did he not write him back or something?

All jokes aside this is kinda scary because Eminem could easily have been stabbed or shot dead. But imagine being a rap legend who pays millions for private security, only for them to sleep through a loud-ass alarm going off when some maniac breaks into your house at 4am. He might as well have just had D12 guarding the place.

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