Emily Ratajkowski Has Invented The Most NSFW Ladies Business Suit Of All Time

Every woman will be rocking this in 2020.

Aren’t you tired of picking out a new outfit every morning and wondering ‘does this shirt go with this suit’ or ‘is this too wrinkled’ and constantly having to go buy new shirts and wash/iron them?

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Well not to worry because Emily Ratajkowski has now eliminated those problems from everyday life by designing a business suit/skirt combo that you don’t need a shirt to wear. Boom:


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What a genius! Emily told Vogue:

My friend was saying to me that wearing what you want to wear is a test. If someone doesn’t take you seriously, that isn’t a person you want to work with anyway. For me, because it is such a micro mini, there is something a little ‘f—k you’ about it. We have all been in situations, like, ‘Is this appropriate to wear?’

I like the idea of wearing the type of suit that I want to wear without having to worry about whether it is offensive to anyone.

That’s the spirit. It’s 2019 which means it’s perfectly OK to rock into work and conduct business with your tits out. I mean it doesn’t get more empowering than that does it? 10/10 feminism from Emily Ratajkowski.

Oh what you think dressing like that at work is inappropriate? Well ‘fuck you’ as Emily says in the quote above. Who needs a shirt when you look like this:

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