Emily Ratajkowski Hits Back At Trolls With Another NSFW Photo Dump

That’ll show them.

Instagram commenters are usually way more chilled and positive than their Twitter and Facebook counterparts, but that wasn’t the case on Emily Ratajkowski’s Instagram page the other day.

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Basically, Emily posted this photo of herself with a friend on the beach:

The body-shamers came out in full force, pointing out that her friend’s body shape isn’t as “conventionally” attractive as Emily’s, even though there are loads of people who prefer that shape.

Some people even criticised Emily for sharing the photo because they think she should have known the negative comments were inevitable.

Anyway, what did Emily Ratajkowsi decide was the best way to move on from the situation? Well first she made the following accurate statement:

I love my girl’s body and her and I both think she looks great here and that this is a very cute pic of us getting severe sunburns.

Different bodies are beautiful and I hope y’all learn that soon.

And then she buried said pic under an avalanche of new NSFW snaps. Not a bad plan:

Seems to have done the job. Go Emily Go!

For the ‘ridiculous’ NSFW bikini that caused Emily a ton of grief a few months back, click HERE.


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