Emily Ratajkowski Is Getting Tons Of Grief For The ‘Ridiculous’ NSFW Bikini She Wore This Weekend

The perfect Christmas gift.

Do you think Emily Ratajkowski cares what some losers on the internet have to say about her choice of bikini? Probably not, but that’s not stopping the haters from coming out in full force.

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The model and actress showed off one of the new bikinis she has designed for her swimwear collection Inamorata Swim while in Sydney this weekend – but not everyone is a fan.

Let’s just say the swimsuit leaves incredibly little to the imagination:

The online reaction includes:

These bikinis are awful like u have an amazing bod but honestly I’m afraid everything will fly out with the slightest movement.

That looks so ridiculous. Horrible.

I think it’s vulgar and classless. On some girls it looks cute and I have considered it for myself but this is a bit much.

Others were more complimentary:

Wearing somewhere in 2019…hitting gym hard starting Thursday.

I just bought it in red and it’s fabulous actually it looks great on.

Come to think of it, it’s not too different from other bikinis she’s worn, is it?

Well anyway, it was a pleasure to bring you this latest news on Emily Ratajkowski as is my journalistic duty. No doubt the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend or mum or sister or grandma. Perfect for a family day out at the beach or the local leisure centre swimming pool. If you’ve left all your Christmas shopping to the last minute, consider yourself saved. You’re welcome. 

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