Emily Ratajkowski Has Added Snail Mucus To Her Skincare Routine

Very important information.

Although some celebrities are out there complaining about how much they’re hating being locked down, some of them are out there acting like nothing has happened and talking about how they’ve added really weird elements to their skincare routine.

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Step forward Emily Ratajkowski, who recently revealed in an Instagram Q & A that her skin ‘freaked out’ near the start of quarantine, but she was able to sort it out by using some snail mucus. Phew.

Here’s how the NY Post described her admission:

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Emily Ratajkowski admitted during a recent Q&A on her Instagram Stories that her complexion “freaked out” at the start of quarantine, and she’s switching up her skincare routine to combat the changes.

Though it may seem like a slimy mess, snail secretion is actually very popular in the skincare community, particularly in Korean beauty products.

Well there you have it. I can’t say I ever knew that snail secretion could sort out your skin, but I guess you learn something new every day in quarantine, right?

Might have to invest in some for when this is all over. Oh wait, it’s over $75 for a jar of the stuff so it’s clearly something that only rich people can afford. Damn.

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