Elon Musk Is Claiming He Tested Positive And Negative For Coronavirus In One Day


The mood across the world seems to have changed in the past couple of days after Pfizer announced that their vaccine was 90% effective – although not sure why as it’s still going to take ages to administer to everyone and then there’s those people that are going to refuse to take it as well – but Elon Musk has decided to be really annoying and say something stupid to put a major dampener on it all.

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Elon tweeted the following six hours ago:

Ugh. That’s such an irresponsible tweet from a person of his status, even if it did actually happen because it’s just going to mobilise all the people who follow him who don’t believe that Coronavirus actually exists and all the conspiracy theories that come along with that train of thought. That isn’t what the world needs right now.

Indeed, it doesn’t take too long to doom scroll down his replies to find a couple:

Ugh again. Thankfully, there are at least some tweets from medical professionals explaining why this is the case near the top of his replies, so hopefully some people who are worried by his tweet might scroll down and take note of what actual scientists are saying instead of some dickhead from South Dakota or wherever. Hopefully you do the same reading this.

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